How to DOUBLE your take-home value of the 2017 Advisor Super Conference… in the next three minutes!

Paul Feldman

A letter from Paul Feldman

The first time I met with Dan Kennedy was one of the most eye-opening days of my life.

There I sat, a 3rd generation advisor… a top producer in my regional office, regularly logging 12 hour days…

And I’m being told by someone who never took a single licensing exam or spent a day as an agent that my entire sales approach – from how I contact leads to how I close them – wasn’t just dead wrong, it was a waste of time.

It felt like a punch to the gut. I couldn’t believe it. I actually paid this guy… this wizard of marketing and sales $10,000 to be told that I didn’t know how to do my job.

… All inside the first ten minutes of speaking with him in his office!

By the Time Our Day Finished, However, It Would Mark the Single Most Transformative Moment of My Career…

Shortly after following the simple steps spelled out in his plan, my phone wouldn’t stop ringing. Even more impressive, the calls came from precisely the type of clients I wanted to work with AND they were already interested in how I could help them!

From that moment on, my life flipped around. Instead of spending 80% of my time prospecting and only 20% selling, I was out with clients 80% of the time and suddenly was able to spend more days with my family, traveling, and generally enjoying life.

I also had a crystal-clear understanding of why so many in-the-know people spend tens of thousands of dollars and make the trip to Cleveland just to sit down with Dan for single day.

He knows how to target the clients you want to work with like it was second nature. Most importantly, he knows how to get those potential clients excited to hear what you have to say before you ever meet them, making your job shockingly easy!

It’s all a part of what he calls his ‘Advanced Lead Generation Portfolio’. A brilliant system that is directly responsible for creating over 22.5 million leads and setting more than 7.5 million appointments in 2016 alone!

In other words, people following his advice are netting one appointment for every three leads generated. A stat that’s completely unheard of in our industry!

How does it work? And more importantly, how can you get started on his fast-track to success?

That’s exactly why I’ve written this letter. I’m going to detail how advisors like you can start taking advantage of it so you can start getting yourself in front of the specific clients you desire.

But first, let me introduce Dan a bit further…

Honest Advice Breeds Rapid Results

Anyone who has ever met Dan Kennedy will tell you, he’s brutally honest, very direct, and doesn’t sugar coat a thing.

His brand No B.S. isn’t just catchy. It’s his lifestyle. Sharp and edgy.

And that’s the way it should be.

After all, if you’re serious about succeeding in this industry, you don’t want to spend your day being coddled. You also don’t want someone to help create excuses with you for why your current methods don’t work.

Serious advisors want results. They crave excellence. And they’re prepared to do what it takes to get ahead in this over-competitive marketplace.

If you already have or are about to register to the 2017 Advisor Super Conference, consider yourself light years ahead of your peers in the industry.

If you’d like to truly gain an extra edge and remain at the top, listen up.

Following just a handful of Dan’s advice could make thriving in this business much easier than you ever fathomed.

What others are saying about Dan Kennedy

“If you’re a salesperson, businessperson, or entrepreneur, your greatest asset is your mind. Your second greatest asset is Dan Kennedy’s mind.” – Dave Bellizzi

“I owe a lot of my own success to Dan Kennedy and I’m excited in sharing this with everyone too!” – Ewen Chia

“Dan Kennedy has led me to improvements in everything from the way I control my time to the process for bringing in high net worth, high value clients. He is blunt. He hits right between the eyes. He is consistent. I value his input to the utmost.” – Ted Oakley

“I have used your strategies to triple the size of my family’s insurance agency in 36 months, from $3.4-million to $10.5-million. We now dominate our markets regardless of the economy or competition.” – Michael McLean

Flip Your Time & Your Productivity

Understanding the fundamentals of sophisticated marketing – Ultra-niche targeting

The old ways of prospecting are a waste of time. Why put yourself in front of people you neither want to do business with nor will be receptive to what you can offer. Learn how to target your clients like a sniper and watch them come to you.

Attract higher-net-worth clients and get a life

Imagine attracting clients with double the average investable assets you’re used to. You’d need half as many to achieve your present income, freeing up a lot of time. Now, what if clients with three, four, or even five times your average case sizes came knocking on your door…

The prospect incubator – Dan Kennedy’s breakthrough lead generation system

Seriously, pick a number of desired appointments you wish to have each month with appropriate, qualified prospects and Dan will lay out exactly how you can gear up for that growth and plant the seeds so that 6 to 12 months later, that desired number of appointments occurs automatically.

Secrets of zero resistance selling – How to get yes without saying a word

Most advisors coerce prospects into meeting with them, drag them kicking and screaming, pursue them as hunters, and always are selling against resistance. There are three causes of this and how you can eliminate them.

5 ways to change a negative or skeptical reaction – For any idea, product or service

If words like “annuity” or phrases like “putting 100,000 dollars aside for  your future” sounds your clients alarm bells, one of these 5 can instantly flip that switch so they instantly respond with, “Really, tell me how that works!”

Everything you’ve been taught about referrals is wrong – How to make 4X to 10X the number of referrals you see from each client

You’ll believe it when you see it. Everything you have been told about how to get referrals from your clients is wrong and doomed to fail… until now.

He’ll spell it out for you. Every last detail. So there’s absolutely no guess work on your part.

The hardest thing you’ll have to do is decide what sort of clients you want to have knocking on your door.

And he’s going to do this for you, if you’re lucky enough to get your ticket, for less than 1/10th he’d charge if you flew to his house to meet with him in Cleveland.

Normally, we’d be talking upwards of $19,000 to sit down with him for the day. He’s billed out $20,000 just for a phone call in the past.

So how much is Bonus Day with Dan Kennedy?

While we may be forced to raise prices in the future, Bonus Day with Dan Kennedy is currently yours for only $549. And frankly, it’s a steal.

That $549 guarantees you’ll more than double your take-home value of the 2017 Advisor Super Conference. And it guarantees that you’ll walk out on Saturday evening with a mastery of the most powerful lead generation tactics other financial advisors wished they knew.

But Seats are Extremely Limited So Act NOW!

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